G-500X Inclined guide CNC lathe

Operating system

New generation (Taiwan) Wide umber (Guangzhou) KND (Beijing)


★ The integrated design and manufacture of the bed foot's overall structure uses resin sand casting, which has small deformation and high stability and rigidity after aging treatment;
★ The use of line rails, better guidance and rigidity, better accuracy and precision retention;
★ Adopting a 45°-wide inclined pallet, the pallets undergo secondary aging treatment, and the thermal deformation is small, so that the rigidity of the pallet is better, and the cutting is more stable and powerful;
★ The use of a fully enclosed protective cover greatly extends the service life of the machine tool accessories and ensures the high precision of the machine tool;
★ The spindle adopts the spindle unit and undergoes dynamic balance processing to increase the spindle speed and improve the roughness of machined parts.

CNC Processing range

This machine is most suitable for processing areas: aviation equipment, optical precision parts, automotive parts, electronic connectors, advanced button accessories, small valves, clock parts, threaded joints and so on. For small parts, precision parts, non-ferrous metals have particularly good processing.
★ Hardware parts: steel parts, stainless steel parts, copper and aluminum parts
★ Short Sleeve, Plate Parts: Precision Shaft Pins, Bushings, Spindles, Rings
★ Precision Threads: High-grade threaded joints, precision spindle lock caps, dental restoration nuts

Machine tool specifications

  • Maximum turning diameter
    Φ 360 mm
  • Maximum radial milling diameter
    Φ 120 mm
  • Maximum turning length
    400 mm
  • Maximum milling length
    340 mm
  • X-axis rapid traverse speed
    20000 mm/min
  • Y-axis rapid movement speed
    24000 mm/min
  • Z axis rapid movement speed
    24000 mm/min
  • X axis maximum stroke
    210 mm
  • Y axis maximum stroke
    400 mm
  • Z axis maximum stroke
    530 mm
  • The maximum diameter of the material
    Φ 38 mm
  • Spindle front clamping method
    Hydraulic pressure
  • Spindle speed
    50-4500 rpm
  • Spindle power
    5.5-7.5 Kw
  • Chuck diameter
    Optional (6 inch/8 inch)
  • Spindle
    Φ 140 mm A2-5
  • Spindle positioning accuracy
    0.1° ±
  • 动力头
    3 X 3 (Optional 4 X 4)
  • Tool holder method
    Row cutter
  • Lubrication method
    Electric lubrication
  • Cooling pump power
    0.75 Kw
  • illumination
    24 W
  • Machine dimensions (length X width X height)
    2050 X 1441 X 1715 mm
  • Machine weight
    2.5 T