CK-0630 Left open door CNC lathe

Operating system

New generation (Taiwan) Wide umber (Guangzhou) KND (Beijing)


★ The machine has a fully enclosed appearance and generous structure, humanized structure, easy operation and use, spindle grease lubrication, maintenance-free;
★ Linear guide configuration, assembled angular contact bearing, low noise, fast speed, long life, dustproof/waterproof design;
★ X to large travel, can be installed to install more rows of accessories and other accessories, Z to the screw set, uniform force.

CNC Processing range

This machine is most suitable for processing areas: aviation equipment, optical precision parts, electronic connectors, advanced button accessories, small valves, clock parts, threaded joints and so on. For small parts, precision parts, non-ferrous metals have particularly good processing.
★ Hardware parts: steel parts, stainless steel parts, copper and aluminum parts
★ Short Sleeve, Plate Parts: Precision Shaft Pins, Bushings, Spindles, Rings
★ Precision Threads: High-grade threaded joints, precision spindle lock caps, dental restoration nuts

Machine tool specifications

  • Maximum swing diameter on the bed
    Φ 340 mm
  • Maximum swing diameter on the carriage
    Φ 120 mm
  • Maximum processing length
    280 mm
  • The maximum bar diameter of the main shaft
    Φ 38 mm
  • X-axis rapid traverse speed
    12000 mm/min
  • Z axis rapid movement speed
    15000 mm/min
  • X axis maximum stroke
    260 mm
  • Z axis maximum stroke
    320 mm
  • Spindle motor
    3 Kw
  • Spindle speed
    300-3000 rpm
  • Spindle through hole
    Φ 50 mm
  • Chuck diameter
    Φ 160 mm (Optional)
  • Collet chuck
    Pneumatic standard (optional manual)
  • Tool holder method
    Row holder standard (optional electric knife holder)
  • Lubrication method
    Automatic lubrication
  • Cooling pump power
    90 W
  • illumination
    220 V
  • system
  • Machine dimensions (length X width X height)
    1250 X 1040 X 1400 mm
  • Machine weight
    900 Kg