D180P Inverted CNC lathe

Operating system

New generation (Taiwan) Wide Umber (Guangzhou) KND (Beijing)


★ The bed body adopts the overall 90-degree structure of casting HT300, and the operation is stable;
★ The machine tool is equipped with a chain-type rotary bin, which can meet the unmanned production with the spindle grasping type;
★ The machine tool has an inverted structure, which has a good chip removal effect, effectively avoiding the secondary scratches of the product by iron chips;
★ The guide rail adopts roller linear guide rail side-mounted type, with strong bidirectional rigidity;
★ The use of fully enclosed protective cover greatly prolongs the service life of machine tool accessories and ensures the high precision of the machine tool;
★ Adopt electric spindle and undergo dynamic balancing treatment to increase spindle speed and improve roughness of processed parts.

CNC Processing range

This machine tool is most suitable for processing fields: aviation equipment, optical precision parts, auto parts, electronic connectors, advanced button accessories, small valves, clock parts, threaded joints, etc. For small parts, precision parts, non-ferrous metals have a particularly good processing.
★ Small hardware parts: steel parts, stainless steel parts, copper and aluminum parts
★ Short shaft, disc type parts: precision shaft pin, sleeve, main shaft, ring
★ Precision thread: high-grade thread joint, precision spindle lock cap, tooth compound nut

Machine tool specifications

  • Max. swing diameter of carriage
    Φ 160 mm
  • Max. grab diameter
    Φ 180 mm
  • Effective travel in X direction
    600 mm
  • X axis rapid traverse speed
    20000 mm/min
  • Z axis rapid traverse speed
    20000 mm/min
  • X axis maximum stroke
    807 mm
  • Z axis maximum stroke
    340 mm
  • Chuck diameter
    6寸(Or collet)
  • Spindle nose
  • Electric spindle
  • Spindle speed
    4500 rpm
  • Spindle through hole
    Φ 50 mm
  • Dimensions
    1900×500 mm
  • Moving speed
    20000 mm/min
  • Feeding height
    150mm(With tray)
  • Turning circumference
    4000 mm
  • Structure of bed
    90° Standing bed
  • Chip removal method
    Screw type
  • Chip removal power
  • Clamping method
  • Tool holder way
    Row knife
  • Cooling pump power
  • system
  • Machine dimensions (length × width × height)
  • Machine weight