CX-600 Turning and milling composite CNC machine tools

Operating system

New generation (Taiwan) Wide Umber (Guangzhou) KND (Beijing)


★ The foot of the bed is made of HT300 casting, the structure is inverted triangle high and low rail, so that the three-axis turning and milling equipment has a low center of gravity, strong rigidity and stable structure;
★ The machine tool adopts two-wire and one-hard structure, so that the Y axis can be milled at the highest point to ensure good rigidity;
★ The main shaft adopts high torque direct drive synchronous electric main shaft and high rigidity bearing, which effectively guarantees the C axis milling effect;
★ The machine tool is provided with a programmable tailstock, which can better meet the needs of machine tool humanization and automation;
★ The machine tool uses BMT55 self-made power turret, its turret design structure is more stable and efficient;
★ The use of fully enclosed protective cover greatly prolongs the service life of machine tool accessories and ensures the high precision of the machine tool.

CNC Processing range

This machine tool is most suitable for processing fields: aviation equipment, optical precision parts, auto parts, electronic connectors, advanced button accessories, etc.
★ Long and short shafts, disk parts: precision shaft pins, sleeves, main shafts, rings
★ Precision thread: high-grade thread joint, precision spindle lock cap, tooth compound nut

Machine tool specifications

  • Turning diameter
    Φ 520 mm
  • Maximum radial milling diameter
    Φ 400 mm
  • Maximum milling length
    600 mm
  • Turning length
    550 mm
  • X axis maximum stroke
    240 mm
  • Y-axis maximum travel
    ± 65 mm
  • Z axis maximum stroke
    600 mm
  • X axis / Y axis / Z axis fastest moving speed
    20/16/20 m/min
  • Maximum feed diameter
    Φ 52 mm
  • Hydraulic chuck
  • Spindle speed
    4000 rpm
  • Spindle power
    11 KW
  • Spindle torque
    120 Nm
  • Spindle positioning accuracy
    0.01 deg
  • Maximum stroke
    550 mm
  • Distance between two centers
    620 mm
  • Tailstock sleeve
    5# 莫氏
  • Dota station
    12 N
  • Power tool holder
  • Arbor size
    □ 25 mm
  • Boring bar size
    Φ 40 mm
  • Power spindle speed
    3000/4500 rpm
  • Power output motor
  • Spindle cooling method
  • Cooling pump power
    0.37 Kw
  • Machine dimensions (length × width × height)
  • Machine weight
    5.0 T