H-360W Precision flat bed tailstock line rail CNC lathe

Operating system

New generation (Taiwan) Wide Umber (Guangzhou) KND (Beijing)


★ The utility model has the advantages of a fully enclosed appearance, a humanized structure, and convenient operation and use. The spindle is greased and maintenance free;
★ Adopt linear guide rail configuration, standard angular contact bearing, low noise, fast speed, long life, dustproof/waterproof design;
★ X-direction large stroke, can be installed to install more rows of accessories and other accessories. Z is placed in the middle of the screw, and the force is even;
★ The tailstock adopts the overall movement of the line rail, which can more effectively ensure the product's runout, cylindricity and ovality.

CNC Processing range

This machine is suitable for processing high-precision, high-gloss various shaft products, and can be used for grinding.

Machine tool specifications

  • Maximum turning diameter on the bed
    Φ 360 mm
  • Maximum turning diameter on the pallet
    Φ 160 mm
  • X-axis fast moving speed
    18000 mm/min
  • Z axis fast moving speed
    24000 mm/min
  • X-axis maximum stroke
    300 mm
  • Z axis maximum stroke
    360 mm
  • Tailstock maximum stroke
    300 mm
  • Two tip distance
    350 mm
  • Tailstock sleeve
    4# Mohs
  • Spindle through hole diameter
    Φ 48 mm
  • Maximum material diameter across the spindle
    Φ 38 mm
  • Spindle bore taper
  • Spindle speed
    50-3000 rpm
  • Clamping method
    Pneumatic / hydraulic
  • X-axis pulse equivalent
    0.005 mm
  • Z-axis pulse equivalent
    0.01 mm
  • Number of bits
    Row knife (optional 4-station electric knife holder)
  • Knife size
    20 × 20 mm
  • main motor power
    4.0 Kw
  • Machine dimensions
    2200 × 1246 × 1530 mm
  • Machine weight
    1.6 T