G-460 Slant bed linear guide CNC lathe

Operating system

New generation (Taiwan) Wide Umber (Guangzhou) KND (Beijing)


★ The high-strength cast iron 45 degree inclined bed base structure has novel design, humanized operation panel and fully enclosed protection;
★ The spindle adopts the spindle unit and is dynamically balanced to improve the spindle speed and improve the roughness of the machined parts;
★ The guide rails use linear guides for high precision.

CNC Processing range

The most suitable processing areas for this machine: aviation equipment, optical precision parts, automotive parts, electronic connectors, advanced button parts, small valves, clock parts, threaded joints, etc. Excellent processing for small parts, precision parts and non-ferrous metals.
★ Hardware parts: steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum
★ Short shaft, disc parts: precision shaft pin, bushing, spindle, ring
★ Precision thread: high-grade threaded joint, precision spindle lock cap, tooth nut

Machine tool specifications

  • Maximum turning diameter of the parts on the bed
    Φ 500 mm
  • Maximum turning diameter on the pallet
    Φ 160 mm
  • Maximum spindle diameter over the spindle
    Φ 45 mm
  • X axis fastest moving speed
    20000 mm/min
  • Z axis fastest moving speed
    24000 mm/min
  • X-axis maximum stroke
    400 mm
  • Z axis maximum stroke
    320 mm
  • Spindle
    Φ 170(A2-5)
  • Spindle speed
    50-4500 rpm
  • Spindle through hole
    Φ 56 mm
  • Main motor
    Servo/frequency conversion 5.5 Kw
  • Chuck diameter
    6 Inch(A2-5) mm
  • Collet chuck
  • Tool holder method
    Row holder
  • Bed structure
    45° Slant bed
  • Lubrication method
    Automatic lubrication
  • Cooling pump power
    150 W
  • illumination
    220 V
  • system
  • Machine dimensions (long × width × high)
    2010 × 1480 × 1630 mm
  • Machine weight
    1.8 T