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Hexin Machine Tool provides you with integrated machine tool solutions and professional roots in the field of machine tool manufacturing. Always providing customers with stable and reliable products and attentive and high-quality services; with no distractions. Focusing on product excellence to lead breakthrough innovation, creating a new situation in the CNC machine tool industry.



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Zhejiang Hexin CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongshan Industrial Park, Chumen, Yuhuan County, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. It mainly produces high-precision ramp rail CNC machine tools, flat rail line rail CNC machine tools, turning and milling machine tools, mainly CK-0615 type, G -250 type, CK-0630 type, H-360A type, H-360 type, G-350 type, G-400 type, G-400A type, G-500X type CNC machine tools and a variety of customized special machine tools and automation equipment, With high technological content, high product accuracy, high degree of automation, welcomed by the majority of users.

The company firmly believes in and implements the business philosophy of "Quality is the life of an enterprise". "To survive by quality and to seek technology...



G-460 Slant bed linear guide CNC latheH-360W Precision flat bed tailstock line rail CNC latheHXG-535 Slant bed turret tailstock rail CNC latheHXG-545 Stant bed turret tailstock rail CNC latheCK-0630 Left open door CNC latheG-500X Inclined guide CNC lathe